Medical Dispensary Project

For the past four years young medical professionals and students have been providing free wound care services and associated illness treatments to street-connected children through our weekly outreach programs in a small 3 by 3 meters tent, bridging the unbearable gap in healthcare services among most vulnerable groups. In more than 2000 cases we have provided a community based first emergency care service, offering free basic first aid, meal, etc. Moreover, we provided transport in a three wheel ambulance to a nearby facility in 509 incidents, including road accidents, obstetric emergencies, etc.

However, the insufficient infrastructure seriously threatens the initiative to practice street medicine in Africa. Confronted with an imminent need for basic care, we are looking to reach more patients through constructing a basic health dispensary.

Two years ago we isolated multi drug resistant bacteria on a wound of street connected boy (12 years) sustained injury on foot post road traffic accident. In this and other medical cases we found that our limited resources such as lack of laboratory investigation, storage for surgical/medical supplies, space for medical procedures and emergency dispatch room are seriously impairing the medical management of patients, causing delay in the healing process as well as reducing the number of attended patients to a minimum. Emergency demand is far exceeding the capacities.

We are envisaging a health dispensary which will be key to ensure we practice street medicine in our setting through early intervention of diseases at no cost, thus avoiding complications due to the patients’ inability to pay for medical aid. The dispensary will provide clinical services such as wound management, treatment of common infections such as Urinary Tract Infections, testing for infectious diseases such as HIV, basic health research, a pharmacy for basic medicines and a dispatching room for medical emergencies, as well as preventive medicine among vulnerable communities.

Currently we provide medical care services to 15 clients per week with various medical conditions such as wounds, typhoid, and malaria. The completion of the project would allow us to treat 15 clients per day, and each client will receive all services under a single and solid roof.

A control room for dispatching emergency aid to communities will enable us to increase the response rate to the emergency incidents (including pediatric, obstetrics and trauma emergencies) from 20 to 60 incidents per month.

The medical dispensary program was launched in April 2021.The facility offers the following services: –

  • Medical Consultation
  • Laboratory Services
  • Pharmacy
  • Reproductive and Child Health Services
  • Family Planning Services
  • Immunization Services
  • Minor Surgeries

Monday- Saturday from 0730hrs-1730hrs

MOBILE NO: 0759 095 943


Nyasaka/Kangaye Street- Opposite Blessing Pre and Primary School