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Years of Provision Healthcare Services to underserved Communities

Tanzania Rural Health Movement is a registered Non-profit Organization (NGO) based in Mwanza, Tanzania. Our focus is on provision of health services, health research and environmental sustainability in-relation to health.

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Collaboration to Help East Africans Respond to Medical Emergencies

The Collaboration to Help East Africans Respond to Medical Emergencies (CHEAR ME) was launched in 2021 by charter members from Tanzania, Kenya and the US to support the systematic approach to community-based emergency medical services (EMS) development in East Africa through the exchange of ideas, information and experience.


Featured Media

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Rural doctors: How we save the wounded, traumatized children in Mwanza streets

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Health Promotion

"Save Lives|Stop Traditional Uvulectomy in Tanzania"

"Save Lives|Stop Traditional Uvulectomy in Tanzania aimed to raise awareness within Mwanza community on the negative effects of Traditional Uvulectomies. The project worked to dissuade the perpetuation of this harmful especially in at-risk rural communities.


18% Underwent


30% Chronic Cough

Tanzania Rural Health Movement
We Are Based In Mwanza

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Lake Victoria Voluntourism

Volunteering with TRHM gives you the opportunity to meet and network with others who share your interest in and passion



TRHM aims to establish and improve health interventions that meet major public health challenges facing Mwanza, the second biggest city in Tanzania.

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What’s Happening

TRHM Opens New Emergency Dispatch Center In Mwanza

Five years ago, Dr. Marko Hingi, decided to start an emergency medical system in Mwanza, Tanzania.

If you see an accident victim in Mwanza, call 0800750112

That a motor traffic accident occurs somewhere in the city and a 30-year old man is left lying in pain as he screams on the road; for almost 20 minutes.

The Life Of The Brave Young Boy

“Despite of the pain and the long journey James is determined to get his wounds treated. He is a boy full of bravery and determination “



Street Connected Children Outreach


BBM Dispensary Clients


Pre Hospital Care Beneficiaries


Lifesaving Projects