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Your help will enable us to continue our work on providing healthcare services

Volunteering with Tanzania Rural Health Movement gives you the opportunity to meet and network with others who share your interest in and passion for people in need.

TRHM has no profession requirement/criteria for the volunteers. Looking at the projects conducted by TRHM, medical personnel, such as medical students, doctors, nurses etc., Information System personnel, Accountancy, public health, teaching, fundraising expertise, administration and management volunteers will be highly preferred.

Prerequisite documents/Condition

  • Return Air ticket
  • Medical Insurance
  • Vaccination Certificate
  • Medical Report

The TRHM’s mission aligns with ethics of our movement. With various people from around the world, a sense fairness, honesty, integrity and respect is expected from all partners and volunteers.

GLocal Culture

Upto 75% Sukuma Tribe

Dressing Culture

Upto 65% Below Knees


There is a hostel nearby (Kiota Hostel-Mwanza) and the public transport is available from the hostel to the nearby bus stand where you can walk up to the facility.


There are nearby restaurants/cafeterias at TRHM office and the Hostel as well. The breakfast, lunch and dinner ranges from US $2- $4 per single meal.



International and Local Volunteers


From different countries arround the world


Health Researches


Healthcare Projects