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Our Projects

Extensive Background In
Provision Of Healthcare Services

For the past four years young medical professionals and students have been providing free wound care services and associated illness treatments to street children.

Street Medicine Project

Street Medicine Project (formerly Wound Care Project for Street Children).

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Mwanza Community First Response Project

Works to provide urgent intervention with support of the Beacon platform

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Bisou Bailey Medical Dispensary

We providing free wound care services and treatments

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Lake Victoria Voluntourism Project

We target to bring new experience to new volunteers

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Research Studies & Development

We have conducted various studies covering underserved populations

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We make it happen

Follow Working Steps

TRHM aims to establish and improve health interventions that meet major public
health challenges facing Mwanza, the second biggest city in Tanzania.

Community Engagement

We work closely with community members through different groups of people to address health based issues among communities

Innovative Solutions

We are using either completely new concepts or finding new ways of using existing concepts to solve Different health-based community problems

Save Lives

We support and promote solution driven policies and programs that save lives by changing dangerous driving choices through viral awareness, health education and services in practice

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Lake Victoria Voluntourism

Volunteering with TRHM gives you the opportunity to meet and network with others who share your interest in and passion

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What’s Happening

TRHM Opens New Emergency Dispatch Center In Mwanza

Five years ago, Dr. Marko Hingi, decided to start an emergency medical system in Mwanza, Tanzania.

If you see an accident victim in Mwanza, call 0800750112

That a motor traffic accident occurs somewhere in the city and a 30-year old man is left lying in pain as he screams on the road; for almost 20 minutes.

The Life Of The Brave Young Boy

“Despite of the pain and the long journey James is determined to get his wounds treated. He is a boy full of bravery and determination “



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