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The normal working day at TRHM is from Monday-Sunday. We start at 7:30am till 20:00pm during the working days

Day Off

After work, volunteers can get together for sports, jogging, evening walk etc. For day off, they can visit friends, beaches, and go on safaris

Local Trips

During day offs volunteers can organize for trips near City; they may prefer to go to Saanane Island, picnics, and other places for leisure.

Voluntourism Project

Lake Victoria Voluntourism Project

Tanzania Rural Health Movement (TRHM) volunteering program target to bring new experience to new volunteers around the World through involving them in community activities. TRHM has wide range of projects which includes Pre-Hospital care Project, Street Medicine Project and a Medical Dispensary Project.

  • Accommodation

    Our organization is located at Nyasaka Street in Mwanza (Ilemela) where there is a hostel nearby (Kiota Hostel-Mwanza) and the public transport is available from the hostel

  • Meals

    There are nearby restaurants/cafeterias at TRHM office and the Hostel as well. The breakfast, lunch and dinner ranges from US $2- $4 per single meal.

  • Laundry

    The volunteers can wash their own clothes or they can pay women who work at the Hostel to wash for them. The price ranges but doesn’t exceed US $ 5.00/apparel

Voluntourism Project

We bring new experience to new volunteers

The Volunteers will be involved in Pre-Hospital Care Projects and they will be responsible for providing first aid training to the first responders mainly boda-boda drivers (motor-bike taxi drivers) and support logistical implementation of the project. Also, Teaching first aid skills to different schools and colleges within Mwanza.

Street Medicine

Volunteers will gain hands-on wound care services, medical consultations.

Dispensary Project

Volunteers will be participating on daily activities at the facility.

Research Studies

We have an extensive opportunity for placement research projects.


TRHM charges a total of 920 USD per month from each volunteer.

Volunteers, Please Join Us!

Inquiries Call +255788668490

Lake Victoria Voluntourism Project

Tanzania is a country with a rich and diverse cultural heritage, offering a unique blend of natural beauty, vibrant music and dance, and deeply-rooted religious traditions.

Local Culture

Mwanza is known as Sukuma land because most of the population comes from the Sukuma tribe

Dressing Culture

In Mwanza City women should try not to dress in what the local people might interpret as provocative



TRHM aims to establish and improve health interventions that meet major public health challenges facing Mwanza, the second biggest city in Tanzania.